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2018/19 NCRW Final Nominees List Is Now Out

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Media Release

The National Community Radio Week was celebrated over 6 (six) days, from 12th – 16th February 2018. The theme of this year’s NCRW was ‘Radio is us’.  In this week, over 180 delegates from different community radio stations across all nine South African provinces took part in a skills development programme which highlighted topics such as Journalism for Radio and Radio Production. The skills development programme was facilitated by PAS Media Academy at Philip Sanders Resort. The 13th of February marked World Radio Day, on this day the NCRW put together a live radio broadcast across over 63 Community Radio Stations Nationwide, with World Radio Day Celebration as a topic. The panel of the live broadcast consisted of representatives from MDDA, SENTECH, NCRF and NCRW, the audience as well as the listeners were also given an opportunity to weigh in and ask questions about the topic.

On the 15th of February, the National Community Radio Week celebrated its first annual NCRW Ambassadorship at PACOFS in the Bloemfontein. This event was sponsored by The Free State Provincial Government, The Thoughts Lounge, Hollard, Twizza, MDDA, SAMWU, Mangaung Metro Municipality and SENTECH. This event was well attended by representatives of community radios nationwide, the business sector, local government, several media groups as well as the public. The event featured dancers as well as renowned musicians like Serame Sediti, Semito and Brian Themba. Local designers were granted the opportunity to showcase their work and the best designer (Thabiso Leeuw) won a R10 000 cash prize. Prior the celebration, twenty two (22) finalists from disadvantaged communities across South Africa went through an intense and holistic training programme from which classes were facilitated to aid with improving their overall knowledge and skills in community radio. Each finalist was required to choose a community radio station which she would like to represent, with this representation the finalists had to identify one major issue in this community radio station and also propose methods to help combat these issues. The winner of the ambassadorship has been given an opportunity to bring her project to life. The 2018 NCRW Ambassador is Prudence Mncube from the Gauteng province. Prudence Mncube won herself a cash prize of R30 000. The 1st Runner up is Nasizo Mdende from Eastern Cape, who won herself R15 000 and 2nd Runner up is Kamogelo Kwapa who won R10 000. Prudence, Nasizo and Kamogelo will use 20% of their cash prizes as capital to start their community radio projects with community radio stations of their choice.

National Community Radio Week celebrated its second annual awards on Friday, 16th February 2018. 58 people were nominated for the awards; the nominees came from 24 community radio stations across South Africa. The awards consisted of 21 winning categories. This event was also well attended by an audience of over six hundred (600) representatives from the local government, private sector, NCRF, finalists from NCRW Ambassadorship, sponsors as well as the public. The audience enjoyed performances by local and national artists like Botshabelo Sunrise, Gigi Lamyne, Lasouce, Miss Pru and a few others.


Brands as Champions of Leadership

As an agent of social change and economy stimulation the “Road To Fame” community radio production takes brands on a journey (via community radio) to a future that South Africa desperately need. A future in which there is an accelerated effort towards a positive new economic and social order, while simultaneously growing their market share and their brand equity..

Project Strategic Fit or Misfit

Not all existing brands will fit into the proposal engineering design. The brand must have an appetite to instantly respond to the emergent needs of South Africa as far as economic stimulation and social change are concerned. Furthermore, the brand biology, physicality and chemistry must match this appetite.

The Power of Community Radio

This production brings an exciting product to the fore, which is not just exciting, but which resonates with participants and the phrase “theatre of the mind” rings true. Community radio reverberates through social, audio and visual radio, streaming platforms and trans media platforms. These all lead to content creation = relation = valuable informationspace.

This valuable information space creates an ideal setting for brands to find their interactive space of play for their market share race. Moreover, the social, audio and visual radio, streaming platforms and trans media platforms provide a perfect environment for the triumph of community radio and brands marketers.

The production, driven by 150 community radio stations, will begin with a six month long impeccable journey to effortlessly create a new discourse, a new dialogue and new narrative for community radio platform though monthly on air dialogue and campaign execution. This project has an innate ability to unearth local community entrepreneurs, sports stars, responsible local taxi drivers, community championNGOs, community radio stations and their presenters


The Project Short Description

Our Community Radio – “Road To Fame” project production is an exceptional and unique six month long premiere celebration of community radio which seeks to take participants on a storming “Road To Fame”.

In excess of 150 community radio stations exist in South Africa today. These radio stations provide diversity for listeners and skills for the commercial radio sector in addition to reaching communities through local events. While community radio form a crucial part of South Africa’s broadcasting landscape there remains a struggle to access advertising and other forms of financing

The project production integrated engineering is inspired by the backdrop of South Africa’s ailing economy, the demand for both entrepreneurial economy and efforts to promote safety on South African roads. Additionally, it is inspired by an edge to build the country’s image via sports, the demand for social change at a local level via efforts of variable community NGO’s, and the relentless effort to acknowledge and establish the raw talent embedded within community radio stations.

Against this background, the “Road To Fame” community radio production plans to take the bull by its horns in order to ignite a positive community radio movement, rediscover the asset value of community radio to transform the current state of the country’s community radio landscape. We are proposing a week-long series of community radio workshops (covering topics such as revenue, activations, sports, creative content, writing for radio and news) culminating in an awards ceremony aimed at recognizing those excelling in community radio.



Our Community Radio – “Road To Fame” project production social experience is further strengthened by media mix sponsorship offering package which includes:

• Debut of an annual week long radio conference and exhibition in 2017 • 150 radio stations merchandise branding

• Sponsorship inclusions on marketing material

• Sponsorship mentions in all interviews

• Brand association with all agencies involved

• Brand association with participating radio stations

• Branding of “Road To Fame” Documentary

• CSI Sponsorship into development of Community Radio Movement and Community Radio Nation across South Africa