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About us

 What Inspired The National Community Radio Week?

The Focus Week is inspired by lack of models and interventions that enables Community Radio Broadcast sector in South Africa to be sustainable despite the fact that the sector operates from non-profit enterprise. Community radio has demonstrated its ability to grow year on year for the past 23 years to deliver over 8 million listeners.

Furthermore, the marketing and advertising industry in South Africa has placed unreasonable barriers against the sector, making the Community Radio Broadcast sector impossible to attract advertising investment they desperately need. This detachment remains the core ignition point to rediscover and amplify the asset value of community radio, and transform the current state of the country’s community radio landscape.


The Thoughts (PTY) Ltd, a special events management township café located in Batho Location, Bloemfontein, formed a partnership with the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) to manage and execute The National Community Radio Week (NCRW) project. The NCRW Programme is planned to roll out for five years (2017-2021).

Primary objective

The project’s mandate is to:

  • Develop and build the community radio sector.
Secondary Objectives

The sector can be build and developed through a crafty implementation plan that will ensure that the following objectives are achieved:

  • Consistent marketing of the community radio sector.
  • Gratifying profit/capital to be shared amongst all participating stations.
  • Initiate job opportunities for the young, talented and unemployed.
  • Invest in skills development for people working in radio.

National Community Radio Week (NCRW) Programme is initiated, designed and packaged to attract developmental investment to embrace the community radio sector growth. Furthermore, the programme seeks to bridge the decline in the sector, including inability of the sector to attract brand marketing and advertising revenue.

The NCRW Programme is set with the potential to emphasize the efforts of brand markets to build and grow brands.


NCRW Awards
  • Red carpet event hosted on the Friday of the National Community Radio Week.
  • An event specially designed to develop and Award Excellence through Community Radio Brand.
  • 21 Categories Presentations.
  • Live Entertainment.
Special Live Broadcast
  • Two Hours Session employed to broadcast interesting, educational and informative sessions.
  • Simulcast on Province’s Community radio stations to provide both the audience and radio listeners with information.
  • Formal and Interactive Session.
  • Provincial and Local Government Representatives.
  • Captive SMME Audience, Representatives and Key Note speakers.
NCRW Ambassador Search
  • Targets the young women aged 18-35.
  • Empower and inspire young women of South Africa to believe in themselves and their future and also to be a leaders and role models for her community.
  • The ambassadorship will not only be on Community Radio, but also on an all rounded community development.
  • National Community Radio aims;
  • To promote South African community radio stations, as they are the drivers of the community.
  • To empower young women in order for them to empower individuals within their communities.
  • Provide educational opportunities for young women in our country.
  • To encourage young women to use their skills to achieve their goals.
NCRW Skills Development Programme
  • UFS, OFM and NEMISA offers unique content designed to educate and benefit conference participants.
  • Delegates are limited to station, finance, programming and marketing managers of participating community radio stations.
  • Content include project management, financial management, marketing sand digital Marketing and journalism.
Community Radio Youth Legacy Internship Programme
  • Phase 1: Free State province execution.
  • 64 graduates from the Free State Province who studied Media, Journalism, Marketing and other industry related courses.
  • 12 Months Internship
  • Opportunity to be placed in 10 Free State community Radio Stations.