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Brief description

The NCRW Ambassadorship pageant is established to honour young women of South Africa. The focus of our programme will be on an all rounded personality, leadership and advocacy for women. We believe altruism with commitment are what truly personifies strength and confidence.

Detailed description

The competition is open to every girl in South Africa who meets the criteria. Twenty Four (24) chosen participants will then go through an intense training program and then Twelve (12) finalists will be chosen to participate in the final competition.

Post the programme finalists will be closely associated with the NCRW in lending a helping hand towards uplifting those less fortunate in communities across South Africa.

The NCRW Ambassadorship winner will be a role model and an inspiration to young women in South African communities by helping them believe that anything and everything is achievable. NCRW Ambassadorship team targets the young women aged 18-26

Opportunities include:

  • Education- varsity experience and short course from the university of the Free State for 36 semi finalist
  • Ambassadorship- After the pageant all semi-finalists will be closely associated with the NCRW in lending a helping hand towards uplifting their communities through programmes that highlight topics related to the socio-economic issues faced by each community
  • Leadership- the semi-finalists will act as mentors to young people in their communities, they will be mobilizing educational programmes in their different provinces


  • To empower the young women of South Africa.
  • Promote the Free State, as it will be hosting the pageant.
  • Provide a platform for creative designers, make-up artists, choreographers and musicians to showcase their talent.
  • Inspire young woman to work towards their dreams, despite their backgrounds.
  • Create an opportunity for young women to develop their communities through community outreach programmes.
  • Provide educational opportunities for young women in our Country.
  • Encourage positive qualities in young women

Format of the event:

Phase One

 Registration and screening.

 This will include detailed applications and auditions to be held in all provinces across South Africa. High profile and renowned judges will be selected to judge each audition, assuring they choose the best candidate to represent NCRW Ambassadorship and its vision.

Phase Two

Screening of semi-finalists and selection of finalists

Phase Three


The finalists will be invited to spend one week prior the grand finale, to stay in one location. In this week the finalists will be physically and mentally groomed, trained, spreading awareness via community service and public speeches, going for professional photo shoots and last but not least entertaining and enjoying themselves. True talents, creativity, interest and confidence of contestants will be encouraged.

Phase Four


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