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Community Radio Broadcast Sector and Big Brands Celebrate World Radio Day on the 13th of February

Now you know, NCRW Project is designed and packaged to celebrate Community Radio Broadcast Sector via unconventional and yet resonating platforms such as World Radio Day (13 February), why should your big brand be left out from the 2017 celebrations? Our invite reaches out to your big brand to experience the 1st NCRW Conference, the Welcome Dinner and the 1st NCRW Awards.

World Radio Day will set the scene for the celebrations, while the FOCUS WEEK takes your brand on the local and international stage for the world to see, listen and experience your brand through the powerful theatre of the mind.

The Focus Week together with your brand begins a revolutionary journey, which will rewrite a new narrative and express the power of your big brand as a leader and a sector game changer through the 1st NCRW Conference, the Welcome Dinner and the 1st NCRW Awards.

Your Big Brand must have a “Social-Fit”!

In South Africa many brand marketers battle to express their brands extrinsic values, by making their brands socially relevant at the community level, NCRW focus week is also closing this gap by introducing features that seduce brand relevance in building community radio broadcast sector skills capacity, and recognizing excellence within the sector. This project aim at building a new generation of community radio broadcasters, and form a sustainable sector.

The community radio broadcast sector will only be sustainable if brands (i) transcend their own comfort zone, (ii) be content in working with the “alternative voice” of the community, (iii) and instantly respond to emergent needs of South Africans at the community level.

Only then will your brand biology, physicality and chemistry match and resonate to community radio broadcast sector.

What are the Brand Opportunities

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