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2017 Skills Development Report

The skills development programme was held at Phillip Saunders Resort on the 15th – 17th of July 2017. There were over 160 delegates from community radio stations nationally attended the conference.  We were working with the University of The Free State as the service provider.  Programme Provided: Project Management, Financial Management and Cost Accounting for non-Financial Managers, Marketing & Digital Marketing. The delegates who successfully submitted and passed their assignments received NQF level 5 credit bearing certificates.

A survey was conducted with certain secondary objectives to receive honest and unbiased response, examine factors that negatively and positively affect delegate’s perception of the conference. To better delegates experience and implement a logical and practical NCRW programme that is specially customised to meet participant’s needs. The research method that was implemented is the quantitative approach. Using the quantitative research method allowed the measured results to be generalised to all the delegates who attended the conference.

In conclusion, the conference was a success. Most delegates felt were satisfied and felt that the NCRW team was committed and kept its promises throughout the conference. Most respondents were very pleased with the classes. However, they suggested that NCRW should consider allowing everyone to attend all classes instead of just one. 75% of the respondents were male and only 25% were female (7 delegates).  Since the results are generalised to all delegates, it can be concluded that most delegates who participated in the training conference were male. Moreover, delegates suggested that we should let the radio station pay for their transport and that NCRW should learn to manage their time accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

2018 Skills Development Report

The skills development programme was held from the 13th-15 February 2018 @ Phillip Saunders Resort. The delegates arrive on the 12th of February 2018. Over 180 delegates from National Community Radio stations across South Africa. All nine provinces were represented.


  • To celebrate world radio day collectively
  • Promote the community radio sector
  • Educate and Install knowledge
  • Enhance Skills and development in the sector
  • Encourage teamwork through group discussions


The first phase of the programme was an induction were delegates meet their facilitators and get an introduction to the selected courses. In the second phase, Facilitators will communicate with delegates via e-mail.

The training programme was facilitated by PAS Media Academy, an accredited academy to host the National Certificate: radio Production (SAQA ID: 62069) and the National Certificate: Radio Station Management (SAQA: 49122).

In order to obtain the credit bearing certificate, students need to complete an open book action plan to be submitted via email by facilitators. Alternatively, delegates will receive an attendance based certificate.

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For further questions regarding the information provided above, contact NCRW Project Management and Administration Office.

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